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Life, Death and Grim Routine Fill the Day at a Liberian Ebola Clinic: “I think the world needs to come.”

Experience what it is like to be at an Ebola Treatment Unit in Bong County, Liberia, by reading this article written by Sheri Fink of the New York Times and view all 12 of its excellent slideshow photos:  Life, Death and Grim Routine Fill the Day at a Liberian Ebola Clinic

The article also has one of the most touching quotes published:

One night, he said, someone died under the same roof. “It’s too pathetic,” Mr. Davies said through tears. “I think the world needs to come.”

-Kolast Davies, ArcelorMittal employee, Yekepa, Liberia

Health workers prayed before the start of their shift at the Bong County Ebola Treatment Unit in Suakoko, Liberia. Ebola is under assault here in a cluster of cobalt-blue buildings operated by an American charity,  International Medical Corps. Daniel Berehulak for The New York Times

One night, he said, someone died under the same roof. “It’s too pathetic,” Mr. Davies said through tears. “I think the world needs to come.”

-Kolast Davies


Selected Field Notes from Liberia Situation Report 118 Sept. 10, 2014

A new ETU will soon be accepting patients in Bong County.  Save the Children found 40 vulnerable children living in a school in Margibi County whose parents had died and who were rejected by their community.  More ambulances are needed in Nimba County.

Here are selected excerpts from highlights of Liberia Ebola SitRep 118 Sept 10 2014

Bong County
• The new ETU has been officially turned over to the County Authority and County Health
Team. It is awaiting admission of patients
Lofa County
• Total number of patients in Foya Case management center (FCMC)- 32
Montserrado  County (including Monrovia)
• 1828 (98%) of the 1859 contacts under follow up were seen by 4 contact tracing teams.
• Of the 1859 contacts being followed, 2 became symptomatic today.
• Of the 1859 contacts being followed, 87 completed 21 days today.
• Of the 22 deaths reported 9 were from ETUs and 13 from the communities.
• Total admission at Redemption Holding Unit – 28.
• Red Cross made available 12 contact tracers to be used in our current tracing structure. They will be assigned in New Kru Town, where there are more than 300 contacts as of today.
• Health promotion section completed verification of gCHVs to be trained by UNICEF on Friday of this week
• 30 volunteers from SEARCH, a local NGO, were trained in contact tracing
Margibi County
• 147 contacts completed 21 days of follow-up
Save the Children discovered (15) families in the Mamba-Kaba and Kakata Districts with a total of 40 vulnerable children whose parents have died from Ebola.
• Affected children, rejected by the Community in Dolo Town, are living in a school building
Nimba County
• Africare donated $100. USD worth of scratch cards to CHT to strength communication and 20 gallons of gas as monthly support to each of the District Health Teams for Surveillance/Case tracing and specimen collection
• The Surveillance/case tracing and psychosocial teams reunited one Ebola survivor with her family and community people in Cooper Village
Issues & Constraints
• PPEs nearing stock-out in the County
The one ambulance for the transport of confirmed cases to the ETUs in Monrovia is inadequate

Nimba and Bong County notes from Situation Report no. 50 -92 August 15

 Nimba Highlights

• Africare in Nimba donated 60 gallons of fuel, 4 scratch cards and 1 sim card (for additional hotline)
to the Nimba Task Force
• In order to booster contact tracing, all household members are being linelisted with the names of any new arrival passed on to community leaders
• The change of permanent residential homes is now strictly prohibited; landlord are being asked not to evict tenants
• The Sierra Leonean National, suspected of Ebola in Karnplay Health Center, has test result being negative and has been discharged
• The county is airing names of contacts “lost to follow – up”. This is helping to locate contacts that  are on the run
• A pickup truck was provided to the Task Force by the County Superintendent for the use by burial team
• The central MOHSW sent 10 body bags to the County Constraints
• No Vehicle for spraying team
• Limited protective equipment
 Bong County

• Three border points and two checkpoints are now restricted and are being monitored
• Communities are still apprehensive about contact tracing due to denial
• Limited manpower to contain the outbreak
• Lack of risk allowance for Ebola Emergency teams
• Health workers at the two (2) Hospitals have not returned to work
• Increased community deaths
• Limited logistics (vehicles)
• Community structures are not active for Ebola response